Australian Theatre, Film and Learning (EDUF3034)

Do you love film and theatre? Drawing on historical and sociological perspectives, this unit examines the nature of theatre and film in Australian cultural and educational settings, with a particular focus on films by and for young people. Over the course of the semester, you will go on a journey, exploring the Australian narrative from traditional formats of film, theatre, and television through to the current digital-content formats delivered through a variety of non-traditional platforms including streaming, pay, narrow web casting, and social media.

In this unit, you will not only undertake a deconstruction and textual analysis of Australian films and plays but you will also construct your own digital content using simple smart phone video technology. You’ll go behind the storytelling scenes, where you will have intimate access to those involved in constructing the story, including guest talks from actors and filmmakers and opportunities to see Australian films and theatre performances first hand.