Sport and Learning in Australian Culture (EDUH4058)

Understanding sport is central to understanding Australian culture and Australians' sense of who they are in the world. Sport, Learning and Australian Culture (EDUH4058) provides students with a socially critical perspective on the place, meaning and practice of sport in Australian culture.

Focused on the range of learning that takes place through youth’s engagement in sport, the unit examines the practice of sport at levels ranging from elite international sport to grassroots, community-based and school sport. In striving to provide a meaningful educational experience, Sport, Learning and Australian Culture (EDUH4058) places students’ firsthand experiences of Australian sporting culture at the centre of the program by including field trips to relevant sporting events in Sydney that range from Super 15 Rugby Union matches to a children’s surf carnival.

The field trips are informed by socially critical examinations – lectures, readings and assessment – of sport in Australia. The course will provide understanding of a new cultural context for international students and it will also encourage a more socially critical view of sport in their own societies.