How to design a marking criteria

Marking criteria should:

  • be linked to learning outcomes
  • be able to distinguish between different levels of student achievement
  • correspond with the information given to students
  • agree with the terms used in the University of Sydney Academic Board Resolutions
  • include different criteria for different components, e.g. you may wish to use product criteria and process criteria.

Product criteria – similar to the criteria used for marking individual work


Process criteria – could include:

  • written feedback or reflections
  • attendance at group meetings
  • evidence of cooperative behaviour, interaction, involvement
  • a time line and/or management plan
  • responsiveness to feedback
  • application of critical thinking or problem solving skills
  • high level engagement with the task
  • development of professional competencies.

A generic grading scale should be included in your Unit of Study outlines. You may find the Rozenburg Group Work Grade Descriptors helpful or you may prefer a more generic assessment grading standard.