Reflecting upon and evaluating group work

The activities and templates in the table below focus on group monitoring and reflection, and evaluation of group work.

Activity Description
What's working and what's not Review process for identifying group 'helpers' and 'hinderers' (Bingham & Daniels, 1998:46-47
What's going wrong? An activity for stopping and re-gathering when things aren't going so well in the group (Gibbs, 1998:42)
Group review An after group review activity using questions and open ended sentences to facilitate reflection (Bingham & Daniels, 1998:53)
Inner/outer Generating a list of insights about working in groups/teams (Snow, 1997:211)
Group work peer evaluation Reflecting upon and evaluating peers (Bingham & Daniels, 1998:60
Peer evaluation 1 School of Business peer evaluation form (courtesy of Ian Black)
Peer evaluation 2 Group assignment peer review form (courtesy of Nick Wailes)
How am I in teams? A simple pre-team involvement self reflection activity (Gibbs, 1998:20)
Informal evaluation A quick informal activity for evaluating Units of Study or group work
Student self and staff evaluation An informal method of student self evaluation and student evaluation of lecturer/tutor
Group work evaluation An evaluation form to monitor the progress of groups
Group feedback example An example of feedback provided students in WORK 6112 (courtesy of Nick Wiles)
Offering and receiving feedback Some ideas on offering and receiving feedback (courtesy of Tai Peseta)