Planning and starting group work

The activities and templates in the table below may be useful for use in group administration, planning and organisational issues.

Activity Description
Starting up Collecting information for the first meeting (contact details, aims, meetings, agenda items, resources) (Bingham & Daniels, 1998: 30)
Group establishment A template for getting groups established (Black, 2005)
Initial learning contract A group learning contract to set directions, meetings, ground rules, and monitoring processes (Bingham & Daniels, 1998: 27)
Snapshot Ask students to develop and create a snapshot that dramatises their groups' vision. Report the snapshots to the larger group, place on wall, and identify common themes (Williams, 1993: 10)
Team charter Institute for Interactive Media and Learning, UTS "Team charter"
Team review Institute for Interactive Media and Learning, UTS "Team review"
Team meeting Institute for Interactive Media and Learning, UTS "Team meeting"
First meeting A sample structure for the first group meeting (Bingham & Daniels, 1998: 39)
First meeting agenda An example agenda to follow in the first group meeting
Meeting checklist Keep meetings focussed and on track with this simply checklist (Gibbs, 1998: 33)
Action plan An planning sheet for allocating and acting upon tasks (Bingham & Daniels, 1998: 79, 86)
Jobs list Two sample job list tables to divide up tasks amongst group members (Gibbs, 1998: 24-25)
Eventful happenings Keep your group motivated by taking time to step back from the specifics of the task and sharing some 'off-task' time together (eg celebrate a milestone or birthday, reflect upon and recount a recent success, invite someone different to the group, go out together) (Williams, 1993: 69)