Tips for preparing learners

Here are some hints for encouraging students to enjoy the experience of group work:

  • Early in the process, guide students through the Unit of Study outline and reinforce how the outcomes are linked to the learning and teaching experiences.
  • Explain the group work components in detail and include an explanation for the use of group work note in the Unit of Study outline.
  • Invite students to ask questions and raise concerns about any aspect of the course, particularly in relation to assessment.
  • Deal with any concerns or objections to group work and any misconceptions about working with others. Students may have developed group work ‘baggage’ through their own experience with group work or from what others have told them.
  • Offer realistic solutions and guidance; issue guidelines for working in groups and point out the benefits of group work.

Provide in class activities that allow students to practise working in groups. For example:

  • Include informal assessment activities in class.
  • Allocate group assessment time in class.
  • Use learning and teaching experiences that require group participation.
  • Provide library research sessions.

Be a positive group manager by effectively monitoring and encouraging groups in class, and by offering ongoing assistance out of class.