Learning & Teachinig - Group Work Guide

Evaluate Implement - Assess Implement - Monitor Implement - Manage Implement - Prepare Implement Design Plan Implement - Assess Implement - Monitor Implement - Manage Implement - prepare Evaluate Implement Design Plan

This Guide offers a range of material that aims to assist staff who may want some support, regardless of their starting level, to successfully and effectively refine, maintain or incorporate group work into Unit of Study outlines, learning and teaching activities, and assessment practices. It offers new, up-to-date, succinct information, and realistic guidance and suggestions for improving the quality of our current practices around group work with a focus on thoughtful and comprehensive design, implementation, management, assessment and evaluation.

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How to use this Guide

It is not expected that you will use this Guide like a book to be read cover to cover in a strict sequence, but more as you would a cookbook, using the various sections as they apply to your circumstances and experiences or when you feel you need some additional support.

In addition to snippets of useful information, the Guide also includes a number of specific and general work samples (look for ‘sharing resources’), support websites, teaching and assessment ideas, information sheets, and many other activities, templates and resources that can be easily printed out and used as needed. Some attachments, resources or links may be more appropriate to your teaching experience and aspirations than others. We encourage you to seek out and use those sections that are most relevant to you, and should you require more support in any particular area then an Additional Reading list is included at the end of each section.

If this is your first attempt at introducing group work into your Unit of Study we strongly recommend that you familiarise yourself with all aspects covered in the Guide before designing your Unit of Study outline.