Choosing a group assessment task

Assessment tasks should have a clear connection with the learning outcomes of the Unit of Study. Consider the following questions when choosing assessment tasks:

  • How will the assessment task contribute towards the overall goals of the Unit of Study?
  • How will the assessment task prompt students to apply their new skills and ideas?
  • How does the task relate to other assessment tasks in your Unit of Study and others?
  • Does the task assess what the students know and can do?
  • How will the assessment task motivate students to engage in the Unit of Study?
  • How does the loading of the assessment task compare with those in other Units of Study?

It is helpful to provide students with a list of the learning outcomes that are being addressed by each assessment task. A simple table can be provided, for example:

Outcomes assessed:
1, 4, 5 etc. (or expand to state each)
Task type:
Group work teaching resource
Due date:
Week 11
Task weighting:
50% (35% group, 15% individual)
Task description:
Briefly describe the requirements of the task