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Creative Leadership Summer Conference

For school leaders and aspiring school leaders

14 - 16 January 2013

Darlington Centre

University of Sydney

Conference fee

$1,170 until 10 December
$1,375 from 11 December
$1,030 group discount (show conditions)

Starting the conversation ...

Linda Darling-Hammond, Stanford University.

Edmund Misson, General Manager, AITSL.

Robert Randall, acting CEO, ACARA.

Libby Gleeson AM, internationally renowned children's author.

Professor Robyn Ewing, Author of The Arts and Australian Education: Realising Potential.

Professor Robert Tierney, Dean, Sydney School of Education and Social Work, University of Sydney.

Dr Phil Lambert, Regional Director, Sydney, Department of Education and Communities.

Professor Andrew Martin, University of Sydney.

Professor Peter Freebody, University of Sydney.


The inaugural summer conference of the University of Sydney's Educational Leadership Institute promises to be the premier educational event for school leaders and aspiring leaders. Over two and a half days, the conference will focus on different dimensions of excellence in school leadership.

By attending this conference you will participate in a dialogue with those driving today's policies, debates and changes in school education. You will be given access to the latest research on curriculum development, evidence-based metrics, collective responsibility and other key areas that will build the success of your school. You will be inspired by the success stories of other school leaders who turned their schools around.

The conference and the institute will actively work with you to build professional support networks with colleagues, academics, policy makers and other leaders in the field of education.

Why attend the Creative Leadership Summer Conference?

The conference is the inaugural event of the Leadership Institute. The emphasis is on building a dialogue between high-level practitioners such as yourself and influential speakers who come from a range of backgrounds and perspectives. It will give you food for thought, ideas for practice and the opportunity to meet with some of Australia's leading academics and practitioners will give you in-depth knowledge on specialist areas. View the complete program.

Who will your fellow participants be?

Like you, they are established or aspiring educational leaders. They want to make a difference at their schools. They want to be on top of the latest research and policies in education and be part of the conversation about what is needed. They want to feel confident navigating changes in the regulatory environment and they want to take advantage of the opportunities offered as greater authority and responsibility is given to school leaders. Finally, they want to know that they are not going it alone because they will develop lasting professional relationships with their fellow participants and session leaders.

If you have any questions...

Please email Josephine Fleming, conference coordinator:

Getting to the University

174 City Road, Darlington, NSW, 2006

The Darlington Centre is on City Road, opposite the main University of Sydney Camperdown campus.
The Darlington Centre


A list of preferred hotels will be provided shortly, so please check back to this site before the end of October. We are working to provide you with special conference rates.