About us

The Office of Education aims to provide leadership, support and enrichment of both teaching and learning within the Sydney School of Education and Social Work. Its offerings include a range of short- and long-term strategies for successful program delivery. Our work complements and augments support available from other University centres, such as the Education Portfolio.

The office assists the school in its mission to be the leading provider of education and social work courses in Australia. To this end, we manage school planning, accreditation, quality assurance, professional development, and improvement processes for learning and teaching.

In supporting the school to achieve its mission, the office provides representation and advice within the school and broader University community. This includes providing information for rewarding quality, coordinating student feedback mechanisms, representing school interests at University learning and teaching forums, and assisting the work of the school Learning and Teaching Committee.

A visual representation of our work can be seen by clicking on the link below.

Who we are

The Office of Education consists of the following staff members:

Dr Kelly Freebody Belinda Chambers  
Director, Education
Manager, Curriculum and Policy

In addition, 19 committee members, who meet monthly to discuss matters relating to learning and teaching within the Sydney School of Education and Social Work, support the work of our office.