Past winners

The Sydney School of Education and Social Work has a continuing tradition of fostering creative teaching among its academic staff and has produced numerous winners of national, state and University honours for excellence in higher-education teaching.

As well, the school recognises outstanding achievements in teaching each year by presenting Teaching Excellence Awards to staff. A list of past winners across all levels of representation is provided below.

National awards

  • Associate Professor Alyson Simpson – Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) citation 2015: "for passionate commitment to dialogic pedagogy that inspires students as literacy educators learning to teach critically and creatively with children's literature"

  • Professor Peter Goodyear – ARC Laureate Fellow and Senior Australian Learning and Teaching Council Fellow 2010–2015: "for learning, technology and design, in particular, architectures for productive networked learning"

  • Dr Jennifer Way – Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) citation 2014: "for developing innovative technology-based resources for mathematics education designed to engage and inspire future teachers of mathematics and provide professional support nationally"

  • Associate Professor Janette Bobis – Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning 2007

  • Associate Professor Donna O'Connor – Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning 2007

  • Dr Lesley Scanlon – Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning 2006

State awards

University awards

College of Humanities and Social Sciences awards

Sydney School of Education and Social Work Teaching Excellence awards

2016 winners

Associate Professor
Tim Allender


Dr Michelle Bonati


Dr Cathy Little


Dr Remy Low


Dr Alex McCormick

Associate Professor
Aek Phakiti

Dr Christine Prestion

Dr Marcella Robertson

Meghan Stacey



2015 winners

Professor Janette


Associate Professor
David Evans


Associate Professor
Donna O'Connor


Dr Kellie Burns


Dr Emma Tseris

Alison O'Grady






2014 winners

Dr Paul Ginns


Eulalia Verde








2013 winners

Alicia Olsen


Dr Victoria Rawlings


Dr Kate Russell


Dr Jen Scott Curwood




2012 winners

Cathie Burgess


Dr Victoria Campbell


Dr Paddy Cavanagh


Renata Cinelli


Dr Susan Colmar

Dr John Evans

Sharon Galleguillos

John Hobson

Denise Lynch

Dr Heather McMaster

Dr Susan Poetsch

Lyn Riley

Katrina Thorpe

Dr Lorraine Towers

Dr Rachel Wilson


2011 winners

Dr Ruth Fielding


Kate (Catherine)


Lea Mai


Dr Louisa Peralta




2010 winners

Associate Professor
Alyson Simpson


Dr Kellie Burns


Janet Dutton


Dr John Evans


Vilma Galstaun

Joshua Barnes

Cathy Little

Dr Lina Markauskaite

Dr Ilektra Spandagou



2009 winners

Dr Jon Callow


Dr Paul Dufficy


Dr Marianne Hulbosch


Dr Lesley Laing


Karen Lambert

Dr Aek Phakiti

Catherine Smyth

Dr Marie Stevenson

Nicole Brunker

Associate Professor
Janette Bobis


2008 winners

Associate Professor
Lesley Harbon


Associate Professor
Deb Hayes


Associate Professor
Armstrong Osborne


Theodora Lafkas


Dr Kelly Freebody

Dr Kate Russell






2007 winners

Associate Professor
Michael Anderson


Associate Professor
Jude Irwin


Elaine Fishwick


Dr Robyn Gibson


Dr John Hughes

Dr Susan Colmar

Dr Richard Light

Sandra Nicholson

Christine Preston

Dr Jenni Way


2005 winners

Associate Professor
Jennifer O'Dea


Dr Paul Dufficy


Sandra Newell


Dr Ruth Phillips


Dr Alyson Simpson

Dr Lindy Woodrow






2004 winners

Associate Professor
Donna O'Connor


Associate Professor
Judy Anderson


Dr Lesley Laing


Dr Louise Sutherland


Dr Margot Rawsthorne

Dr Nigel Bagnall

Professor Robyn Ewing

Dr Alyson Simpson

Agi O'Hara

Karen Lambert