Unit of Study Evaluation (USE)

The Institute for Teaching and Learning's (ITL) Unit of Study Evaluation (USE) system is designed to support aspects of the University's policy on The Management and Evaluation of Teaching, which was approved by Academic Board on 16 May 2001.

The purpose of the USE system is to provide information for UoS coordinators seeking to assess the effectiveness of units in order to plan and implement teaching and learning improvements. The focus of the system is on the UoS and not the individual or the faculty.

University Policy

University policy on the evaluation of Units of Study (UoS) requires UoS be evaluated at faculty level at least once every three years. On this basis, the Division of Learning and Teaching identifies which units are to be surveyed in each semester of the three-year period of the evaluation cycle. Prior to placing a USE order, the Division invites all staff via email to add their UoS to the USE list.

The USE Student Feedback Report, summarising the statistical analysis of the numerical student ratings, is initially returned to the UoS coordinator, along with the questionnaires containing the students' comments explaining these ratings. Full details of ITL procedures for returning USE reports to UoS coordinators and copies of the statistical data to the Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching) and Dean are available on the ITL website.

Faculty Policy

During semester 1, 2008 the Associate Dean (L&T) and Project Manager (L&T) revised the Faculty of Education and Social Work's Unit of Study evaluation (USE) policy. The resulting reporting procedure/policy was duly submitted to the Faculty's Learning and Teaching Committee and Faculty Management Committee meeting for discussion/amendment. Both committees approved the new USE policy/procedure for implementation in semester 2, 2008.

For further information about the Faculty’s USE policy/procedure, please click on the link: USE policy. Please note, this document downloads as three separate pdfs.

As part of the Faculty’s new USE procedure, Unit of Study Coordinators are asked to respond to their USE results in writing, using the UoS Coordinator USE Report Template. This template is intended to provide a simple means for UoS Coordinators to document a summary of the results of their USE, as well as proposed actions arising from it. To access this template, please click on: USE Report.

Having submitted a USE report to the Associate Dean (L&T) and their Program Director, UoS Coordinators are required to meet with their Program Director (or delegate) to document between 3 and 5 actions to improve units. The USE Action Summary Report Template is designed to help structure and simplify this process. To access this template, please click on: Action Summary Report.

Please find below an overview of the Faculty’s new USE reporting structure and duties.

USE prcedure overview