Teaching Improvement and Equipment Scheme (TIES) Large Grants - 2007

At the close of 2006, the Faculty of Education and Social Work was awarded a total of $173,643 from the Office of the Acting Deputy Provost (Learning and Teaching) and Pro Vice-Chancellor to be split between four large TIES grant applications. Winning projects included:

Embedding diversity: 'Towards a culturally-inclusive pedagogy'
This project builds on a range of initiatives within the Faculty of Education and Social Work, in particular out of the Cleverley Report, which was prepared jointly for the Faculty and the Koori Centre to ‘fully engage with Indigenous teaching and learning issues’. For a detailed project description and/or information about current status, please visit the Embedding Diversity website.

Improving student experience
This project aims to reduce to less than 10% the number of negative responses received on the Course Experience Questionnaire (CEQ), Student Course Experience Questionnaire (SCEQ) and Unit of Study Evaluation (USE) surveys. In particular, the project seeks to improve student responses on the ‘Good Teaching’ scale and ‘Clear Goals and Standards’ through changing aspects of Faculty assessment practices – in particular addressing the quality and timing of feedback to students and clarity of teacher expectations.

Development of web-based video teaching and learning system
This project aims to evaluate and investigate the adoption, integration and creation of new video-enhanced education platform and the modification and the fortification of such a platform with sound pedagogical theories, structures, scaffold, and content. The teaching will focus initially at improving educational experience in, e.g., sport coaching, drama and performing arts, professional experiences, art history, architecture, procedural skills and practises in health sciences, etc.

Free-standing video-conferencing console
This project aims to promote student interaction via web-based video course delivery. It is a project that will have many applications across the Faculty of Education and Social Work. In particular it will enhance the learning opportunities and support the students on professional experience. This project clearly suggests opportunities for development from a pilot to university wide applications.