ICT resources for graduate teachers

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This site provides the student teacher with links to a series of valuable resources. It has been designed to help you develop your ICT skills, pedagogical knowledge and awareness of how ICT may be integrated into teaching and learning processes.


Rapid and continuing advances in information and communication technologies (ICT) are changing the way people share, use, develop and process information and technology. In this digital age, young people need to be highly skilled in the use of ICT and there is a growing body of evidence that use of ICT in the classroom can enhance learning (Meiers, 2009).

It's essential that the contemporary teacher has good ICT skills and is able to integrate ICT into the teaching and learning processes. The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) recommend under the Professional Teaching Standards that the beginning teacher demonstrate current knowledge and proficiency in the use of ICT in the following areas:

  • basic operational skills

  • information-technology skills

  • effective use of the internet

  • software-evaluation skills

  • pedagogical skills for classroom management.


Meiers, M. (2009). The use of ICTs in schools in the digital age: what does the research say? NSWIT Digest, 2009(1). NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) (retrieved February 23, 2009)