Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that comes as part of the Microsoft Office suite of software applications. It is the most widely used spreadsheet application available and features calculation, graphing tools, charts and tables. Excel can be used to compile a mark book, draw tables and charts or to create certificates or news letters by using mail merge with other programs, such as Word.


  • Welcome to Spreadsheets
    Explains what a spreadsheet is and provides a basic tutorial applicable both to Excel and other spreadsheets. (retrieved Feb 2, 2011)
  • Microsoft Excel Training
    Tutorial videos and easy step-by-step manual instructions. (retrieved Feb 2, 2011)

Compiling a Mark Book

Drawing a chart

Mail merge to create certificates or letters to parents

  • Mail Merge
    How to use mail merge to create and print letters and other documents, send personalized e-mail messages to your e-mail address list and create and print envelopes or labels for mass mailing. (retrieved Feb 2, 2011)