Cross-curriculum perspectives: Globalization

    Global Education Program website specifically designed for the professional development of Australian primary and secondary teachers. Access to free resources such as posters, booklets, case studies and videos (although these are more difficult to access). Useful curriculum material and links on important aid related issues such as globalisation, human rights, developing countries, health issues such as HIV/AIDS, natural disasters, landmines, refugees and environmental issues . Statistics, photos, teaching suggestions, templates, quiz builders and articles are all included. Work by important Australian writers such as Susan Bliss and Martin Pluss are featured. The website is comprehensive and well designed, easy to navigate and potentially very useful for teachers. There are great links for NSW stage 4-6 Geography while also having a great deal of information and ideas suitable for primary teachers. Funded by AusAid this website covers global issues, country profiles, support and network links, curriculum matters and global projects. (retrieved Jan 25, 2011)
    The centre for One World Education is based in Western Australia however is applicable to all states and territories. This site provides information and teaching resources for upper primary and secondary teachers. Membership for students to this organization costs $20 and allows you to borrow posters and physical resources to use in your teaching. Without membership you are still able to access the on-line electronic database and the teacher resources, in this case the lesson plan on Biodiversity (celebrating the theme for Science week 2010). This very thorough lesson plan includes a wealth of references and links to other websites that may be useful. The lesson itself is comprehensive and leads to discussion of issues surrounding poverty and environmental sustainability. (retrieved Jan 25, 2011)

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