Indigenous perspectives

The term “Indigenous” refers to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of Australia. Supporting teachers to include Indigenous perspectives in schools has been identified nationally as a key component to ensuring improved outcomes for Indigenous peoples in Australia. It is vital to include Indigenous perspectives within school practices in order to develop a greater understanding of the histories, cultures, values, beliefs, languages, lifestyles and roles of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. A better understanding of, and respect for, Indigenous cultures develops an enriched appreciation of Australia’s cultural heritage.

    A site created by Gleebooks to categorise a comprehensive range of resources including maps and books that are commercially available. Easy to navigate and carefully researched with consultation from an Aboriginal Perspective. Audience- all. (retrieved Jan 25, 2011)
    A government funded site listing available commercial resources from years 7-12.
    NSW State Government site- comprehensive array of resources both free and commercially available, suitable for primary and secondary, some useful visual images, easy to access and navigate. Particular focus on Literacy and Numeracy. (retrieved Jan 25, 2011)
    A well designed and easy to use website featuring an authentic Aboriginal voice lead by Wiradjuri author, Dr Anita Heiss, it provides a comprehensive and localized introduction to Sydney’s Indigenous past, with biographies and lists of useful contacts and references. This website goes some way to dispel stereotypical images of contemporary Aboriginal people and their part in Australia’s history. The website contains up-to-date information about current events . The website also highlights important historical actions and events such as the 1967 Australian Referendum in which Aboriginal people were granted the right to vote in elections. There is evidence of cooperation and collaboration with Koori radio. (retrieved Jan 25, 2011)
    Share our pride is the website for Reconciliation Australia. The purpose of the site as ‘An introduction to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their culture and to building respectful relationships.’ It contains interesting and affirming profiles of Indigenous films, books and particularly highlights Indigenous successes in all walks of life. The profiles of individuals and teams provide information and inspiration for all Australians that go beyond stereotypes. The website is a work in progress and appears to be quite up to date and well maintained. It is particularly suitable for use by teachers and secondary students. (retrieved Jan 25, 2011)
    NSW Aboriginal Education Consulting Group website provides easy access to resources such as ‘Welcome to country’ and gives background information on regional divisions. (retrieved Jan 25, 2011)
    The National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Educational website is a terrific website with a multitude of useful resources. These include a comprehensive guide for critically viewing the internet and providing the Murra guidelines for evaluating Indigenous content. The website features news and events and special features such as profile on Aboriginal people in NSW and also those involved in feature films.
    There is a section on Rock art however there were problems with opening the page. The website gives an extensive chronologically history of Australia from an Aboriginal perspective. There is an interesting section on Black ANZAC which includes a resources collection. There are links to peak bodies and other reference sites. (retrieved Jan 25, 2011)

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