Cross-curriculum perspectives: Literacy

    ‘Virtual Macbeth is an island in second life which is dedicated to the exploration, adaptation and performance of Shakespeare's Macbeth. the island is designed with target audiences of Shakespeare aficionados, secondary and tertiary educators and their students. This wiki is designed for both the general audience and educators.’ Students can navigate through the story of Macbeth using an avatar, pausing on artifacts and characters as they proceed. Lots of support material and opportunity to share with others. Very interactive and highly motivating for Second Life or gamer enthusiasts. Created by a team which included Dr Angela Thomas, former English lecturer at Usyd. (retrieved Jan 25, 2011)
    This is a terrific website for students (stage 2 with assistance, stage 3 and 4 alone) to use to create their own stories. There are also myth and legends included where the students can read along or just listen as the stories are read. These stories are high interest with complex yet understandable vocabulary. For instance the story of the unlucky pirate, William Kidd is a gruesome and exciting adventure ending with a nasty hanging. This is the perfect website for reluctant readers although teachers should approach with caution if their students are sensitive to gory information! (retrieved Jan 25, 2011)
    Beautifully designed Australian website based on Bananas in Pajamas book and characters. Great variety of games and puzzles, songs, instruments and music. Perfect for use with K-yr 1 however needs plug ins (easily available) and decent quality computer speakers. (retrieved Jan 25, 2011)
    Ziptales is a site designed to support literacy activities and provide resources for Australian middle and upper primary students. Subscription is available for schools with the price based on the school population. You can however, subscribe for a free 14 day trial. (retrieved Jan 25, 2011)

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