Cross-curriculum perspectives: Numeracy

    This website based in the United Kingdom offers free to use resources for use on an interactive whiteboard. There are interactive resources for junior primary students covering all key learning areas. This website is easy to open and simple to navigate however is limited in the application for older students. (retrieved Jan 25, 2011)
  • TIME
    This website provides a variety of clocks to be saved as screen savers. Moderately interesting if you are teaching aspects of time. (retrieved Jan 25, 2011)
    The website for the USA National Council of Teachers of Mathematics is a treasure trove of 100s of resources although you will need to ensure that the units of measurement and temperature etc suit your purposes. There are interactive activities and work sheet based material for students from Kindy to Secondary school level. There are restrictions (self imposed) on the use of this material so please do the right thing and read the Conditions for Use.
    One particularly useful section is called Dynamic Paper and provides access to custom made templates for such things as graph paper, shape nets, number grids, tessellations and spinners for games. (retrieved Jan 25, 2011)
    A fabulous resource source however be careful of spelling of measurement units and check to ensure that lessons fit with Australian/ NSW Curriculum. Great games and puzzles, suitable for all primary years. Difficult to access country of origin however the designers have tried to make the site universal. Some side bar educational advertising. (retrieved Jan 25, 2011)
    If you know anything about Hilbert’s Curve, Koch’s Snowflake or Pascal’s triangle then this is the site for you. Suitable for both learners and teachers of secondary school maths and science. Lots of interactive and clearly explained concepts. Separate pages on the same topics for the learner and the teacher. Easy to navigate with lots of resources for IWB. Links to American National Digital Resource library K-12 materials. (retrieved Jan 25, 2011)
    Suitable for primary and perhaps junior high school students and teachers. Lots of colourful games and interactive puzzles, quizzes and tests although work carefully with the spelling as it is USA based. The site is very ‘busy’ with ads and menu material to other parts of the site. It can take a little time to open up sections so be patient. (retrieved Jan 25, 2011)
    There are a variety of maths resources available from this website that would appeal to teachers and students of all ages however the site is crowded and a little difficult to navigate. Some of the interactive features didn’t operate and there is a lot of advertising material present. The site does, however, contain some great ideas particularly if you are looking for unusual puzzles and logic problems. All the puzzles are referenced so that you won’t have to worry about copyright as long as you cite the source. This is an American based web site so comes with all the issues of local measurement and spelling. (retrieved Jan 25, 2011)
    Well designed Australian based web site operated through ABC Learning online. Requires Flash 5 or above to operate. Has a series of activities for teaching basic maths concepts to primary students. (retrieved Jan 25, 2011)

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