Cross-curriculum perspectives: Science and technology

    This is a very amusing rendition of Monty Pythons’ Eric Idle song about the expanding universe (if you have never heard of Monty Python, go home and ask your parents to explain). He sings about the distance and size facts of the universe. This might be an interesting way to engage secondary students with work on outer space. (retrieved Jan 25, 2011)
    Engaging ideas and activities, easy to navigate, suitable for K-12 however you will have to be discerning in what you look at unless you have a lot of free time! You can subscribe (free) to receive regular email newsletter with great suggestions for use in your class. (retrieved Jan 25, 2011)
    Lots of easy to understand ideas and activities in this website. Try out How to make fangs from an orange and while you have the oranges out maybe try the How to make an orange into an apple trick! Suitable for K-10. Make sure that you know you are teaching the appropriate concepts not just having a load of fun…. Which might be a temptation here. (retrieved Jan 25, 2011)
    A well designed and easy to navigate website that comes from Colorado College in the USA. The site is called Neuroscience for Kids (suitable K-10). There are complete lesson plans with links and background information. The photos of comparative sizes of brains is very useful and fortunately for the faint hearted does not contain a human brain just lemurs, zebras and pigeons. The tie in to brain safety fits well with the NSW bike, road and personal development curriculum areas. Great fun to check out the activities and the resources and proves that we don’t need to ‘dumb down’ our curricula for younger children. (retrieved Jan 25, 2011)
    A colourful and extensive website coming from the Discovery Channel, this is another place to access resources K-6. There is a great deal of advertising and distracting material on this website which effects how quickly and easily you can work through it. You might like to check out the ‘Make it yourself’ template section for Word searches, Find a word etc. (retrieved Jan 25, 2011)

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