The Australian Graduate Survey (AGS) and the Course Experience Questionnaire (CEQ)

The Institute for Teaching and Learning (ITL) has responsibility for administering and reporting the Graduate Destination Survey (AGS) and the Course Experience Questionnaire (CEQ) for the University. Together the AGS and CEQ form an annual survey, which is used by the Graduate Careers Council of Australia (GCCA) to gather information from graduates of Australian Universities.

The AGS collects information about the activities of graduates after the completion of their degrees. The CEQ gathers data about graduates’ perceptions of their higher education experience. For each university the GCCA analyses and reports these data to DEST. The Government uses these data to assess and plan for the needs (especially financial) of the higher education sector.

In May and October each year, the AGS and CEQ survey is mailed to the previous year's graduating students. Data collection is completed in September and the GCCA publishes the results in February the following year. This means that the reports of graduating students' experiences are not available until at least a year after they finish their courses.

Like most Australian universities, The University of Sydney also analyses and reports on its own AGS and CEQ data for internal purposes. For more information, please visit the ITL website.