Response to staff and student feedback

The Office of Learning and Teaching aims to respond to staff and student feedback in a sincere and timely manner. Most often, our response will be generalised: staff and student comments (email, survey, and/or focus group) will be tabled at our monthly committee meetings and bi-annual forum; ensuing discussions may result in alterations to school policy. The school Bulletin and division web pages will be used to advise staff and students of any resulting changes.

In some instances, a more personalised response will be appropriate. Staff and/or students choosing to make a one-on-one appointment with either Belinda Chambers or Dr Fran Waugh can expect a follow-up meeting, telephone call or email outlining corresponding action.

Student focus groups

At the beginning of each semester, the Division of Learning and Teaching invites – via Unit of Study (UoS) coordinators – student representation from each program. Student representatives are encouraged to provide feedback about matters relating to learning and teaching at focus-group sessions held twice each semester. To date, such feedback has led to a number of Learning and Teaching initiatives, most notably the development of the Standard Unit of Study Manager and Organiser (SUMO). Please encourage your students to volunteer for focus groups. Interested students should

Personalised student feedback sessions

For those students requiring a more personal and/or immediate response to their learning and teaching comments, queries or suggestions, one-on-one appointments with Belinda Chambers are available from 10am–noon, Mondays and Thursdays.

The Division of Learning and Teaching encourages students to raise any learning and/or teaching concerns with the respective UoS coordinator, prior to making an appointment with Ms Chambers.

Staff emails

Staff wishing to make a general comment about learning and teaching in the Sydney School of Education and Social Work are encouraged to do so by .

Staff focus groups

To complement the bi-semester student focus groups, the Division of Learning and Teaching trialled staff focus groups for the first time in 2008.

Personalised staff feedback sessions

Any staff member can make an appointment to discuss in confidence matters involving learning and teaching. for an appointment.