The social experience

Good friends. It sounds immature but they do make or break your uni career. You can work as hard as you can but there comes a time when you need help. Having a good network of friends who you can seek help from whether its lecture notes or just to help you relax is important.
Year 1, BEd, BA Student


Khadine’s social experience

Khadine tells of her experience as a student representative and her social engagement at university.


Karina’s social experience

Karina tells of her experience as a student representative and participating in EDSOC and the revue.

The university experience is about more than just studying. It is also about ideas, people and getting involved in activities. Students have varying commitments and levels of time that they can devote to being on campus. However, it is still important to build some sort of connection with the people that you study with. In our survey on the First Year Experience many students commented that it was through fellow students that they gained the most support. In Education and Social Work the people that you study with will be your colleagues of the future so building networks with them is potentially beneficial for your work as a future professional.

Mentoring Program

The school also runs a mentoring program for First Year Education students. This is a means of meeting fellow students and students from other years.

Building Connections

You only get out what you put in. The classes for education units were great, there was a strong sense of community slowly being built, people made an effort to get to know one another, and to socialise, and as a result classroom dynamics were vibrant and constructive and engaging
Year 5, BEd, BA Student

Some of the ways to build connections and get involved are:

  • Become a student representative on school Committees
  • Join clubs and societies that are available more broadly on campus, such as EDSOC - the society for Education and Social Work students
  • Establish a study group with fellow students from a particular unit of study
  • Establish a coffee club with fellow students that meets once a week
  • Say hello and start a conversation with the person sitting next to you at a lecture

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