Dear Student,


As Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching), I encourage you to become better acquainted with and to support the work of my division which is committed to helping enrich teaching within the Faculty of Education and Social Work and, as a result, enhancing your learning experience. Detailed information about some of the programs offered for students can be accessed via the menus on the left-hand side of the screen.

One major initiative of recent years, a Group Work Guide, while aimed primarily at assisting staff to successfully and effectively incorporate group work into their classes, also offers up-to-date, succinct information and realistic guidance for students. It contains suggestions for improving the quality of current group-work practices, with a focus on thoughtful and comprehensive design, implementation, management, assessment and evaluation.

Here at the Division of Learning and Teaching we actively encourage student feedback. Please feel free to send your comments, queries and/or suggestions about your learning experience to Belinda Chambers.

Alternatively, information other response opportunities and how you can contribute more formally to the work of the division can be found here.

I wish you well in your studies at the University of Sydney and urge you to assist my division in its endeavour to improve learning and teaching at the Faculty of Education and Social Work. We value your written and verbal feedback.

Very best wishes,
Fran Waugh