Winners of 2010 prizes for undergraduate and graduate-entry study in Education

Scholarships and prizes evening - 2010 Archive

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Medals, awards, scholarships, fellowships and prizes

University of Sydney Medal in BEd(Secondary)(HMHE), Anna Mugridge.

University of Sydney Medal in BEd(Secondary:HSS)/BA, Nicole Waldock.

University of Sydney Merit Scholarship, Ashleigh Baker.

Colin Gladstone Harrison Scholarship and Marion Macaulay Bequest Scholarship, Daniel Brooks.

G.S. Caird Bachelor of Education Year 2 Award, Jessica Farrugia.

G.S. Caird Bachelor of Education Year 3 Award, Mahli Hawke.

Headfort School Prize for Education and Shore Scholarship, Elizabeth Everett.

Tuh Fuh and Ruby Lee Memorial Prize in Education, Cynthia Martins.

Marion Macaulay Bequest Scholarship, Bryony Heath.

Marion Macaulay Bequest Scholarship, Luke van Schie.

NSW Teachers' Guild MTeach Scholarship, Kimberley De Dekker.

Shore Scholarship, Andrew Light.

Sydney Grammar School Scholarship, Melissa Slarp.

Sydney Grammar School Scholarship, Sarah Wood.

Redlands School Scholarship, Julie Fryer.

University of Sydney Graduate Program Merit Scholarship, Beatrice Heine.

University of Sydney Graduate Program Entry Scholarship, Philippa Janu.

Master of Teaching Scholarship in Mathematics, Simon Guest.

Master of Teaching Scholarship in Physics, Ivan Banister.

Prizes for academic merit awarded by the school

Katrina Campbell BEd(Secondary)(HMHE).

Matthew Clough BEd(Secondary:Sc)/BSc.

Meagan Cooke BEd(Secondary:HSS)/BA(Psych).

Emma Cooney BEd(Secondary)(HMHE).

Lorena D'Souza BEd(Secondary:HSS)/BA.

Michael Hanratty BEd(Secondary)(HMHE).

Cynthia Martins BEd(Secondary:HSS)/BA.

Victoria McKenzie BEd(Primary).

Anna Mugridge BEd(Secondary)(HMHE).

Hayley Peterson-Connor BEd(Secondary:HSS)/BA(Psych).

Anastasia Sintchenko BEd(Secondary:HSS)/BA.

Niloufer Taraporewalla BEd(Secondary:Maths)/BSc.

Jolie Thach BEd(Secondary:Maths)/BSc.

Bronwyn Wall BEd(Secondary:HSS)/BA(Psych).

Natalie Zinsli BEd(Secondary:Maths)/BSc.