Postgraduate scholarships

Each year, the faculty invites applications from people enrolling in postgraduate study or research, who may be eligible for any of a number of scholarships, fellowships and awards made possible under several bequests and trusts. These are available for international students as well as students undertaking:


Applicants will need to carefully read the eligibility, terms and conditions of each of the scholarships, fellowships and awards, as they vary.

Applicants are required to nominate academic referees and to ensure that referees, on a confidential basis, forward their reports direct to the Scholarships Prizes and Development Officer in the faculty before the closing date.

After the faculty confirms that eligibility criteria and award conditions have been met, applications will be considered on the basis of: academic merit; giving particular attention to the academic record and standing of applicants; the academic merit of the proposed research and other activities. Applicants must provide sufficient information to enable assessment of overall academic merit.