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Teaching and learning: a knowledge in pieces perspective

21 November 2012

Join us on November 21 for a joint CoCo seminar by David Ashe and Shaista Bibi titled “Teaching and learning: a knowledge in pieces perspective”.

David Ashe will present his study on “School students’ scientific thinking: Is the Earth getting heavier?”

David’s PhD investigates upper primary school students’ reasoning when faced with sustainability issues and looks at students’ thinking as they integrate everyday knowledge with ‘learned’ scientific facts.

This CoCo seminar will present some initial findings taken from a series of interviews with students as they considered a socio-scientific issue regarding sustainability. All the students appeared to coordinate their knowledge differently as the situation/context changed. Taking a ‘knowledge in pieces’ theoretical perspective, David is hoping to help explain why students sometimes have difficulty in utilizing ‘known’ knowledge in different contexts.

Shaista will present her study on “Planning to teach with ICT: what do teachers need to know?”.

Shaista’s research is based on exploring the nature of university teachers’ technological pedagogical and content knowledge (TPACK) when they are involved in making ICT related design and teaching decisions. She collected data using observations and interviews with university teachers and her presentation in this CoCo seminar is a summary of the findings obtained from initial analysis of the data. She is using knowledge in pieces theoretical framework in her research.

This seminar will be available live online at

Event details

  • When: 11.00am - 12.30pm
  • Where: Education Building (A35), room 230
  • Cost: Free
  • Contact:

    Sadhbh Warren

    T: 9351 2612


  • More info: Arrive at 10.45am for refreshments.
  • Speaker/ Performer:

    David Ashe is a member of the Centre for Research on Computer Supported Learning and Cognition in the Sydney School of Education and Social Work at the University of Sydney and is in the process of writing his PhD thesis. With a Bachelors Degree in Agricultural Engineering, and as a high school mathematics and science teacher, he is interested in the connection between the environment and education. David also works as a Postgraduate Fellow on the ARC funded “Learning, technology and design: architectures for productive networked learning” project.

    Shaista Bibi is a PhD student at CoCo Research Centre in third year of her PhD. She did Masters of Education from Pakistan and teaches at Fatima Jinnah Women University in Pakistan. She is currently on study leave in order to complete here PhD.

Teaching and learning: a knowledge in pieces perspective

Where Education Building (A35), room 230 When

21 November 2012

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