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Higher Education Policy Brown Bag

2 November 2012

Tim Payne, Director, Policy Analysis & Communication, Office of the Vice-Chancellor and Principal, will be introducing the discussion on Protecting National Security and Academic Freedom.

Tim has been intimately involved with the University’s efforts throughout 2012 to achieve amendments to the government’s contentious Defence Trade Controls Bill.

The Parliament’s consideration of the bill is reaching a critical point, with the bill likely to be debated as early as the week of this HEPBB session.  For those of you who have not yet picked up on the significance of this bill for universities and academics, it is widely viewed as posing an unprecedented threat to the pursuit of public good research and free intellectual inquiry in Australian universities.

Tim will provide an insider’s view of what have been highly unusual policy and legislative processes. He will discuss the possible practical implications of the bill for the university and affected researchers, and give an update on the latest developments from Canberra.

For those of you with an interest in these issues, perhaps have a read of Professor Trewhella’s recent opinion piece in the Sydney Morning Herald. You may also be interested in listening to Professor Trewhella’s interview view with Geraldine Doogue on ABC Saturday Extra on Saturday 13 October 2012.

Event details

  • When: 1.00pm - 2.00pm
  • Where: Room 612, Level 6, Education A35
  • Cost: Free – bring your "brown bag" lunch and we'll supply tea and coffee
  • Contact:

    Helen Loughlin

    Alumni & Events Manager

    02 9351 2791 /

  • More info:

    The Higher Education Policy Brown Bag, hosted jointly by Tim Payne, Director, Policy Analysis & Communication, Office of the Vice-Chancellor and Principal, and Professor Rob Tierney, Dean Sydney School of Education and Social Work, provides an opportunity for all University staff to participate in a regular informal lunchtime discussion focused on topical developments in higher-education policy.

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31 October 2012

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