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The Digital Education Revolution

24 April 2013

The Digital Education Revolution: initial data analysis of teacher and student reported use of laptops in year 10 science

Join us on the 24th of April for a CoCo seminar by Simon Crook titled “The Digital Education Revolution: Initial data analysis of teacher and student reported use of laptops in year 10 science”.

In Australia, since 2008, 1:1 laptops have been introduced into all secondary schools through the Federal Government’s Digital Education Revolution. This study examines survey responses from 1245 science students and 47 science teachers from 14 secondary schools in Sydney in 2010.

The initial data analysis is in two parts. Firstly, teacher and student reported frequencies of use are compared through ‘bubble graphs’ and a generated ‘Misalignment Index’. Results show student and teacher perceptions of use were usually relatively aligned though sometimes very contrasting. Some 30% of teachers were highly aligned, 55% had medium alignment and 15% were substantially misaligned with their respective students (Crook et al, 2013).

Secondly, the types of teacher and student use of laptops are examined. The activities are differentiated from lower- to higher-order using Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy. It is found that the modal practice for students is the lower-order paradigm of note-taking and working from textbooks through electronic means by word processing and electronic textbooks, plus simple online searching. Students would like to engage in more higher-order activities such as blogging and video editing but these are not favoured by teachers. Datalogging is a rare experience. Most science teachers appear to use simulations but students do not report the same experience (Crook & Sharma, in review).

Variables generated in both initial analyses are currently being used in a multiple regression analysis relating the access to, and type of use of, laptops to student performance. Early indications would suggest we have an interesting (and significant) correlation.

This seminar will be available live online at

Event details

  • When: 11.00am - 12.30pm
  • Where: Education Building (A35) Room 230
  • Cost: Free
  • Contact:

    Sadhbh Warren

    T:935 12612

  • More info: Arrive at 10.45 for refreshments
  • Speaker/ Performer:

    Simon Crook is Senior eLearning Adviser to 17 secondary schools within the Catholic Education Office, Sydney. He works with teachers, Principals and consultants on how best to integrate technology inside and outside the classroom to benefit student learning and facilitate better teacher collaboration.

    Simon is also a PhD student with the Sydney University Physics Education Research (SUPER) group where he is undertaking a thesis by publication assessing the impact of 1:1 laptops and the Digital Education Revolution on student performance in Science.

    This year his first journal article was published in the Australasian Journal of Educational Technology. Entitled 'Seeing eye-to-eye on ICT: Science student and teacher perceptions of laptop use across 14 Australian schools', the paper can be viewed online or downloaded as pdf from

    Previously Simon taught Physics for 15 years in 5 schools in the UK and Australia holding various leadership positions. Last year he was invited by the Board of Studies NSW to review the ICT General Capability inclusions across all subject areas in the new Australian Curriculum.

    Simon has published a research paper for CEO Sydney on 21st Century Science Centres for the Building an Education Revolution plus multimedia resources for HSC Physics with the University of Sydney.

    He has presented at various conferences on such things as ‘eLearning v ICT’ at ACU 2012; ‘The Power of a Personal Learning Network’ at the Networked Social Learner Conference, Sydney, 2011, ‘The Role of Interactive Whiteboards in a 1-to-1 Environment’ at ISTE, Denver USA, 2010; and ‘Twitter in Education’ at the Leading a Digital School Conference, Melbourne, 2010. He also co-organised the world’s largest ever TeachMeet in 2012.

    Twitter: @simoncrook


The Digital Education Revolution

Where Education Building (A35) Room 230 When

24 April 2013

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