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Empowering preservice teachers

22 May 2013

Empowering preservice teachers' problem-solving using adaptive scaffolding within a systems dynamic learning environment

Join us on May 22 for a CoCo Seminar by Dr Chwee Beng Lee titled “Empowering preservice teachers’ problem-solving using adaptive scaffolding within a systems dynamic learning environment”.

The focus of this presentation is based on a recent submitted ARC discovery project proposal by three institutions, University of Western Sydney, Sydney University and Nayang Technological University-Singapore on the topic of developing preservice teachers’ problem-solving skills through situating them in a web-based learning environment.

In particular, we are interested in fostering prospective teachers’ problem-solving ability for real-world, complex dynamic and ill-structured problems. We argue that providing preservice teachers with a web-based learning environment in which they may create and manipulate the problem space in order to construct feasible solutions is critical for successful problem-solving.

Further, we believe that this is particularly beneficial when problems are ill-structured in nature, as is the case with many problems teachers encounter in the context of a school. However, providing that space alone is insufficient to cognitively challenge our learners. Thus, we have embedded adaptive scaffolding within this learning space which is capable of assessing learners’ performance in order to develop and support their casual reasoning, an inherent skill in almost all kinds of problem-solving.

This seminar will be available live online at

Event details

  • When: 11am–12.30pm
  • Where: Education Building (A35) Room 230
  • Cost: Free
  • Contact:

    Sadhbh Warren

    T: 9351 2612


  • More info: Arrive at 10.45 for refreshments
  • Speaker/ Performer:

    Chwee Beng Lee is senior lecturer at the University of Western Sydney. Prior to her appointment at UWS, she was an assistant professor at the National Institute of Education (NIE), Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) where she taught ICT for Meaningful Learning to preservice teachers, Cognitive Foundations of the Learning Sciences, Research Methodologies for the Learning Sciences and IT as Cognitive tools at the master-degree level.

    She received the Excellence in Teaching Commendation both in 2009 and 2011 from NIE. She was part of a nationwide study, Evaluation of IT Masterplan 3 – A Nationwide Longitudinal Study, commissioned by the Ministry of Education (Singapore).

    Chwee Beng has provided consultation to the SAFTI Military Institute (Singapore) in the use of technologies for training, instructional design and evaluation methods. Chwee Beng is currently associate editor of The Asia Pacific Educational Research (TAPER); has recently (2013) edited a special issue of Computers & Education: "Towards innovation in learning technologies research: essays in honour of David Jonassen". In 2014, she will edit a special issue of the Australian Journal of Education, titled "Technologies for intentional learning: bridging research and practice".

Empowering pre-service teachers

Where Education Building (A35) Room 230 When

22 May 2013

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