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Aspect early-years' workshops for parents

28 August 2013 – then every fortnight on Wednesdays until 6 Nov 2013

Understanding autism: how it presents in the early years

This series of six workshops aims to help parents of children (eight years and younger) with autism spectrum disorder to understand their child’s behaviour, promote positive behaviours, and ways to manage behaviour and teach new skills. Facilitated by qualified professionals with backgrounds in providing services, advice and supports to families of children with autism spectrum disorder.




August 28

Understanding autism: how it presents in the early years

September 11

Communication: practical communication strategies for early-years' settings

September 25

Introduction to sensory needs in autism spectrum disorder

October 9

Introduction to positive behaviour support (Part 1)

October 23

Practical positive behaviour support strategies (Part 2)

November 6

Let's play: developing play skills for children with autism spectrum disorder

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Aspect early-years' workshops for parents


Brain & Mind Research Institute, 94 Mallett Street, Camperdown
Brain and Mind Research Institute
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