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Foundations for social research:
design-based research

22 August 2013

Design-based research (DBR), with the design experiment as its main practical method, can be characterised as an inter-disciplinary ‘mixed-method’ research approach conducted ‘in the field’ that serves applied, as well as theory-building purposes.

Substantial progress has been made over past years in articulating the methodological and epistemological basis for DBR and in developing it into a teachable method.

This lecture will delineate these lines of development, provide a short overview of how a prototypical design study is conducted, and identify the notions of design and design methods as in need for further conceptual development and integration with the methodological foundation.

Event details

  • When: 4–5pm
  • Where:

    Education Building A35, Room 612

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  • Cost: Free

  • RSVP: RSVP by emailing Camilla Pilgrim.

  • Contact:

    Camilla Pilgrim


  • More info:

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  • Speaker:

    Professor Peter Reimann is Professor of Education in the CoCo Research Centre. Professor Reimann’s primary research areas are cognitive learning research with a focus on educational computing, multimedia-based and knowledge-based learning environments, eLearning, and the development of evaluation and assessment methods for the effectiveness of computer-based technologies.

    Professor Reimann's current research activities comprise, among other issues, the analysis of individual and group problem solving/learning processes and possible support by means of ICT, and analysis of the use of mobile IT in informal learning settings (outdoors, in museums, etc.).

Foundations for social research: design-based research


Education Building A35, Room 612

Click image for interactive map.


22 August 2013

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