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Foundations for social research:
discourse analysis

5 September 2013

This presentation provides an overview of approaches to discourse analysis. It will commence by presenting the origins of the term "discourse analysis". Different views of discourse analysis will then be presented, from more textually-oriented views, which concentrate mostly on language features of texts, to more socially-oriented views which consider what the text is doing in the social and cultural setting in which it occurs. This will lead to a discussion of the social constructionist view of discourse; that is, how the way in which we use language contributes to the construction of certain views of the world, of people and, in turn, ourselves. The relationship between language and identity will also be discussed. This includes how, through our use of language, we not only display who we are but also perform particular identities. A number of examples which draw on a range of approaches to discourse analysis will then be presented.


Event details

  • When: 4–5pm
  • Where:

    Change of venue
    Old Teachers College A22, Room 448

    old teachers college location

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  • Cost: Free

  • RSVP: Registrations closed:  capacity exceeded
  • Contact:

    Camilla Pilgrim


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  • Reading:

    Paltridge, B. (2012) Discourse Analysis 2nd edition. London: Bloomsbury.
    Chapter 1.

  • Speaker:

    Professor Brian Paltridge has taught English as a second language in Australia, New Zealand and Italy and has published extensively internationally in peer-reviewed journals. He has taught postgraduate courses in the areas of second-language teaching and learning, language curriculum design and methodology, research methods, discourse analysis, language for specific purposes, writing for publication and thesis and dissertation writing.

Foundations for social research: discourse analysis


Old Teachers College, Room 448

old teachers college location

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5 September 2013

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