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Game sense conference 2013

7 November 2013

Game sense for teaching and coaching

Game-based teaching and coaching presents an exciting alternative to instruction that focuses on learning technique in the teaching of games in physical education and coaching sport. The 'games' approach turns traditional teaching and coaching on its head by focusing on the game instead of reducing it to its component parts such as technique. Instead of having to learn the techniques of a sport, students and players learn them in the game through the use of modified games and game-like activities.

The Sydney conference will feature some of the leading figures in game-based approaches to teaching and coaching in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Japan. Most importantly it provides a forum in which academics and practitioners can meet, engage in dialogue, learn and develop the teaching of games and sport in a collaborative environment.

Call for abstracts

We encourage researchers, postgraduate and undergraduate students and practitioners (such as teachers and coaches) to submit abstracts for presentations that are relevant to game-based coaching and teaching approaches such as (but not limited to) game sense, TGfU, play practice and the game concept approach (GCA).

Abstracts of 150–200 words should be submitted and include the title of the proposed presentation, author/s and affiliation/s, and show the relevance of the presentation to the conference focus on game-based teaching and coaching. Authors must include a word count at the end of their abstract. All abstracts should be emailed to before August 31.

Presenters will be invited to submit conference papers (3000–4000 words) for publication in a special edition of the University of Sydney Papers in Human Movement, Health and Coach Education (HMHCE), which is a peer-reviewed journal. It is published by the Youth, Sport and Health research network, within the Sydney School of Education and Social Work, at the University of Sydney, Australia.

Information about the University of Sydney Papers in HMHCE journal and general submission policies can be found at Further information for journal contributors and evaluation guidelines can be found at

Event details

Game sense conference 2013

Where Education Building A35, Manning Rd, University of Sydney
Education Building A35
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7 November 2013

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