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Foundations for social research:
inclusive research methods

19 September 2013

Inclusive research refers to research conducted with the active participation of people with intellectual disability.

The term, introduced by Jan Walmsley in 2001, aims to embrace participatory and emancipatory approaches to disability research. This presentation will discuss first the origins of inclusive research and how it is situated within the broader field and current debates of disability research.

The different ways that participation is defined for researchers and co-researchers or participants with intellectual disability at the different stages of the research process (from initiation of the research to the dissemination of reports and use of outcomes) will then be presented. Further, methodological issues will be considered including issues related to using inclusive research methods with children with intellectual disability.

Lastly, the presentation will discuss whether there are distinct characteristics of inclusive research methods and what are the limitations and barriers in conducting this type of research. Throughout the presentation examples from research studies will be presented, covering different areas including education, health, social policy and social inclusion.


Event details

  • When: 4–5pm
  • Where:

    Education Building A35, Room 612

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  • Cost: Free

  • Contact:

    Camilla Pilgrim


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  • Speaker:

    Dr Ilektra Spandagou has worked in teacher education for special and inclusive education in the UK, Greece and Australia. She completed her PhD at the University of Sheffield, UK, in the area of inclusive education and worked there as a researcher before moving to Greece to take up a lectureship at, first, the University of Athens, and then the University of Thessaly, before moving to the University of Sydney. Her research interests include disability, classroom diversity, and curriculum differentiation.

Foundations for social research: inclusive research methods


Education Building A35, Room 612

Click image for interactive map.


19 September 2013

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