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Research for making the familiar strange and the strange familiar


25 September 2014

Issues regarding body image/s are often perceived as highly sensitive and can make researchers (new and experienced) believe that it’s just too hard. Often there are issues regarding how capable a survey or 'test' is in accessing information beyond the "I have body dissatisfaction at this level". While this has great value in certain contexts, more qualitative approaches allow for a greater examination of why these levels exist or what processes influence perceptions or experiences. It is often the intersection of these factors that is the real story.

Qualitative methods such as interviews and focus groups are valuable sources of in-depth discussions about the ways in which individuals make sense of their bodies and how it produces a certain version of themselves. Understanding performance (to use Judith Butler’s term) is also a powerful framework to consider how identity is produced and reproduced by the act of gender and, for this presentation, sport. This talk looks at how the use of photography as a data collection method also enhances our capability to explore body image, body functionality and body/gender performances with athletes and how this shapes understanding of the usefulness of the body in both sport and social contexts as well as the re-presenting of a sporting ideal.

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Research for making the familiar strange and the strange familiar: exploring meaning in the construction of identity

Where Room 612, Education Building A35, Manning Rd, University of Sydney
Education Building A35
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25 September 2014

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