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25 November 2014

Joseph Lo Bianco, Professor of Language and Literacy Education, Melbourne Graduate School of Education

Co-presented with the Sydney School of Education and Social Work

This talk will describe an ongoing research-and-intervention program on language, social cohesion and peace building underway in Myanmar, Malaysia and Thailand. Funded by the government of Netherlands and conducted under the auspices of the East Asia and Pacific Regional Office of UNICEF, in conjunction with the national authority of the relevant county, the central feature of the program – and the bulk of the talk – will be about 12 ‘facilitated dialogues’ about citizenship, language education, ethnicity and religion, which have been conducted with officials, ethnic groups and professionals in areas of serious conflict. These dialogues are the intervention practice devised under the program, and supported by local research to isolate ’solvable’ problems and reduce violence and antagonism.

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  • When: 6–7.30pm
  • Where:

    Lecture Theatre106, New Law School Building
    New Law School
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  • Cost: Free
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    Sydney Ideas
    E: | T: +61 2 9351 2943

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    Professor Joseph Lo Biancois Professor of Language and Literacy Education at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, and serves as Immediate Past President of the Australian Academy of the Humanities (the first educator elected to this role). In 2012 he was appointed research director of the UNICEF Language and Peacebuilding initiative in Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand. Since 2011 he has served as senior research advisor for Languages in Urban Communities - Integration and Diversity for Europe (LUCIDE), which is a European Commission project conducting large-scale four-year research project into on multilingualism at the municipal level in 12 European cities.

    Professor Lo Bianco has advised on language, culture and literacy education, and on the integration of indigenous and immigrant children into mainstream schools, reconciliation and peace through education, in many countries, including Sri Lanka, Ireland, Wales and the UK, Italy, Slovenia, Canada, Vietnam, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, Timor Leste, Papua New Guinea among others. He supervises PhD research projects and teaches courses in language planning, as well as supporting international research projects in several countries on language and culture studies, language planning and multiculturalism/intercultural education.


Sydney Ideas: shooting teachers, ethnic conflict and exclusive citizenship


Lecture Theatre 106, New Law School Building
New Law School
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25 November 2014

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