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Using mobile devices for learning in the hospital setting: Student, physician and patient perspectives

13 August 2014

Join us on August 13 for a CoCo seminar by Dr Karen Scott titled “Using mobile devices for learning in the hospital setting: student, physician and patient perspectives”.

In the past five years there has been a phenomenal growth in mobile health and the use of mobile health applications (apps) by health practitioners, patients and families. In the interests of health care, physicians and other health professional students need to become familiar with digital technologies that guide patient self-care and monitoring.

At the same time, there is growing interest in the use of mobile devices for learning, communication and time management in clinical settings: mobile devices have been found to improve learning and confidence by linking web-based information with the immediacy of clinical experiences. More generally, there are claims that mobile devices change learning and teaching because of their effects on the way knowledge is conceived, accessed and learnt.

However, junior physicians and medical students often receive mixed signals about their use of mobile devices, with some senior physicians giving directives to use mobile devices and others prohibiting use. Many are concerned about the effect of mobile device use on ethics, patient privacy and data security. Our pilot research examined physicians’ and medical students’ use of mobile devices in clinical settings, as well as their attitudes about others’ use and the attitudes of patients and carers.

This seminar will be available live online at

Event details

  • When: 11am–12.30pm
  • Where: Education Building (A35)
    Room 230

  • Cost: Free
  • Contact:

    Sadhbh Warren

    T: +61 2 9351 2612

  • More info: Arrive 10.45am for refreshments
  • Speaker:

    Karen Scott is Lecturer, Education in the Discipline of Paediatrics and Child Health, Sydney Medical School, and is based at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead. She recently completed her PhD at CoCo under the supervision of Professor Peter Goodyear and Dr Mary Jane Mahony. Her PhD thesis was titled: "Change in university teachers' eLearning beliefs and practices". Currently she is collaborating with colleagues from the hospital, university and other medical programs on a range of research projects, including the use of mobile devices for learning in health.

Using mobile devices for learning in the hospital setting: Student, physician and patient perspectives

Where Education Building (A35)
Room 230

13 August 2014

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