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Research for making the familiar strange and the strange familiar


16 October 2014

Performance-based inquiry is dependent on a visceral and powerful exchange between performers and audience, and offers a unique dynamic that advances the traditional notion of how data is generated and presented. The Selkie Project sought to creatively investigate the problematic constraints operating in stereotypical images of teachers (Weber & Mitchell, 1995). This resulted in a group-devised performance exploring the experiences of four early-career teachers.

This session will review the creative journey undertaken, highlighting several key elements that relate to how the performed research process affected academic inquiry and how aspects of narrative inquiry, linked to storying and oral storytelling, were central to the methodological approach. The crucial role of the audience will also be discussed, particularly how it contributed to the generation of data. Finally, the session will explore questions provoked by this type of research, such as knowledge creation, concepts of entertainment and social activism.

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Research for making the familiar strange and the strange familiar: researching teacher identity through performance-based inquiry

Where Room 612, Education Building A35, Manning Rd, University of Sydney
Education Building A35
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16 October 2014

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