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Rethinking creativity: research and practice – ACERN symposium

18 February 2015

In recent times, creativity has been heralded as one of the most sought-after skills for the 21st century workforce. Yet our notions of creativity are being challenged as in current discourses, it is often linked to technological innovation and economic prosperity rather than the Arts and aesthetics. This symposium (sponsored by the Arts and Creative Education Research Network in the Sydney School of Education and Social Work) brings together three experts working in very different areas of creativity research and/or practice and asks them to 'rethink creativity' from their perspectives as educators, researchers and practitioners.

Event details

  • When: 9.30am–1.30pm

  • Where: Lecture Theatre 424, Education Building A35, University of Sydney
    Education Building A35
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  • Cost: FREE

  • RSVP: Please RSVP by Sunday, February 15, for catering purposes.

  • Contact: Dr Robyn Gibson

  • Speakers:

    Dr Anne Harris is an American-Australian playwright and Senior Lecturer in Creative Arts Education at Monash University. She has published papers in the areas of creative and cultural studies, diasporic and refugee identities, and gender and sexualities diversity. Dr Harris is an alumna of Young Playwrights Inc in New York City, where she continues to collaborate in playwriting, storytelling, and creative pedagogies research. She is a graduate of New York University where she studied with Arthur Miller, Tony Kushner and Maria Irene Fornes, among others. She also continues collaborations begun in central Australia, where she lived and worked for seven years. In 2014, Dr Harris wrote The creative turn: towards a new aesthetic imaginary" (Sense Publishers).

    Ben Light joined Queensland University of Technology in 2013 as Professor of Digital Media Studies. He was previously Associate Dean (Research and Innovation) for the College of Arts and Social Sciences, as well as Professor of Digital Media, in the University of Salford’s School of Arts and Media in the UK. He is interested in how people use different kinds of technologies on an everyday basis. Professor Light's research agenda is centred on analysing the development and use of the Internet and digital games, specifically these relate to health and wellbeing, engagement, gender and sexuality. In 2011, he co-wrote (with Garry Crawford and Victoria Gosling) Online Gaming in Context: the Social and Cultural Significance of Online Games, (Routledge). During his career, Professor Light he has worked extensively with organisations across a range of sectors including large global companies such as Kodak and KPMG. Recently, he has worked with the London Symphony Orchestra, the Imperial War Museums, Brook Advisory (a UK-based national charity for young people and sexual health), the National Health Sservice cancer screening program, the Manchester-based Lesbian and Gay Foundation, and Cooperatives UK.

    Richard Short is storyteller in chief at the Sydney Story Factory, a creative writing centre based in Redfern, Sydney. In that role he has created and led hundreds of writing workshops for students from Sydney, rural NSW, the Northern Territory and even Singapore. He is an experienced high school English/ESL teacher, who spent many years teaching in Sydney high schools.

Rethinking creativity: research and practice – ACERN symposium


Lecture Theatre 424, Education Building A35, University of Sydney
Education Building A35
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18 February 2015

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