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Building better universities

27 May 2015

A Research on Learning and Educational Innovation seminar

This seminar starts from the belief that we have reached a key moment for the tertiary-education sector, where the services, location, scale, ownership, and distinctiveness of education are being altered dramatically, whether universities and colleges want it or not. Higher education faces many challenges, including marketisation, internationalisation and the impact of new technologies. Most crucially, these shifts are affecting traditional assumptions about the ‘proper shape’ of higher-education institutions, its teaching and learning practices and the roles of – and relationships between – learners, teachers, researchers, managers, businesses and communities.

At the same time, many universities are developing responses to this changing world. What, then, can we learn from such initiatives – both large and small – in university and college provision across the globe? How can they help us think critically, constructively and creatively about alternative learning and teaching frameworks and practices in our own institutions? This seminar, based on Jos's most recent publication, Building Better Universities: Strategies, Spaces, Technologies (Routledge 2015), offers participants the opportunity to discuss the implications of contemporary change on institutional ‘shape’ and on curriculum design and delivery.

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Building better universities


Education Building A35

Room 612


27 May 2015

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