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The changing face of feedback research


1 April 2015

Have we finally found a way for feedback research to make a difference to learning?

Feedback is the single aspect of higher-education courses most criticised by students across countries and across disciplines. There have been many institutional attempts to improve this situation, but with little effect. In recent years though feedback has become a focus for educational researchers and new ways of formulating the challenge of feedback have been developed.

The focus of this seminar will changes occurring in the way feedback is conceptualised, and the implications of these changes for assessment practices. Not surprisingly, a key element of this is a renewed emphasis on designing learning activities as if feedback were important.

Event details

  • When: 11am–12.30pm
  • Where: Education Building A35
    Room 612

  • Cost: Free

  • Contact: Sadhbh Warren

    T: +61 2 9351 2612


  • More info: Arrive at 10.45am for refreshments

  • Speaker: Professor David Boud is the foundation director of the Centre for Research in Assessment and Digital Learning at Deakin University and a senior fellow with the Australian Learning and Teaching Council. He is also Emeritus Professor at the University of Technology, Sydney. He has published extensively on teaching, learning and assessment in higher and professional education in the international literature and has been awarded an honorary doctorate from Link√∂ping University, Sweden, for his contributions to this area.

    Professor Boud's current areas of research are assessment for learning in higher education, academic formation and workplace learning. In the area of assessment he has been a pioneer in developing learning-centred approaches to assessment and has collaborated extensively with colleagues across the disciplines. His particular contributions have been on student self-assessment (Enhancing Learning through Self Assessment, Routledge 1995), building assessment skills for long-term learning (Rethinking Assessment in Higher Education: Learning for the Longer Term, Routledge, 2007) and new approaches to feedback (Feedback in Higher and Professional Education, Routledge, 2013).

The changing face of feedback research

Where Education Building A35
Room 612


1 April 2015

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