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Researcher narratives


23 April 2015

To help staff get to know one another, and develop a better understanding of respective research areas, the Research Office of Sydney School of Education and Social Work has initiated a series of talks where new staff will have the opportunity to present to their colleagues in the school. This first presentation will feature Dr Alex McCormick and Dr Remy Low.

Event details

  • When: noon–1pm

  • Where: Room 612, Education Building A35, Manning Rd, University of Sydney
    Education Building A35
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  • Cost: FREE

  • Speakers: Alex McCormick is not particularly new to the school, she has been newly appointed to a Scholarly Teaching role. She is the convener of the Comparative and International Education (CoInEd) Research Network. Through qualitative methods, Dr McCormick compares education-policy processes at multiple levels of activity. She researches how civil organisations, donors and governments participate in education-policy processes, including the contributions and roles of teachers and young people. Dr McCormick is especially interested in the scope for broadly national contributions and ownership - over narrower donor and state leadership - through community and civil society coalitions' and members’ increasing engagement in processes of education-policy formation in aid-receiving, postcolonial nations. Her core methodological approach has been critical discourse analysis, which has allowed her to deepen and indulge longstanding fascinations with language and power in society, as well as address and to explore related equity and social justice issues. Dr McCormick is finalising research begun in her postdoctoral role, into processes for 'post-2015' education and development agendas in the South Pacific. That research has built on her prior work that investigated the global social policy of education in South East Asia and the South Pacific. The doctoral research was a component of an ARC Linkage grant with the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) as the industry partner.

    Remy Low is a member of the School Teacher Education Policy (STEP) Research Network and will be presenting "Identity De/Formations: my paths toward a clearing". Dr Low suggests all narratives of the self are fabrications. As particular interpretations of the past based on the concerns of the present, they inevitably involve weaving a coherent story out of the tangled threads of lived experience. Dr Low says that "according to Michael Jackson (the anthropologist, not the pop star), 'all stories are, in a sense, untrue', because they 'rearrange and transform our experiences'. Yet it is this power to create a temporary coherence through storytelling that is one of the key features of our existence as beings-with-others". Dr Low says the his presentation will offer a potted account of various border crossings – physical, spiritual, political, professional, intellectual – that have led him to his current research preoccupation: identity formation and deformation in schools and other pedagogical institutions. He says he hopes the account of my work will act as an invitation for audience members to join with him in an ongoing dialogue as he continues to fabricate an 'academic' identity.

Researcher narrative: Alex McCormick and Remy Low

Where Room 612, Education Building A35, Manning Rd, University of Sydney
Education Building A35
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23 April 2015

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