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The Singapore Swing


4 November 2015Register to attend

Co-hosted by the Malaysia and Singapore Association of Australia, the Sydney Democracy Network and the Comparative and International Education (CoInEd) Research Network.

Singapore’s general elections were held in September 2015, shortly after the death of the anointed national ‘founder’ Lee Kuan Yew and during the 50th anniversary jubilee celebrations – giving the incumbent People’s Action Party (PAP) a significant advantage. Given PAP’s relatively lacklustre electoral campaign, its resounding electoral success took many observers by surprise.

The long-serving party increased its popular vote by 9 per cent – garnering 70 per cent of the total vote and wrestling a seat from the opposition Worker’s Party. What then explains the PAP’s solid electoral gains this year when – only a few years ago – it endured general-election and by-election setbacks? A panel of specialists will discuss the key factors contributing to PAP’s electoral resilience and the implications of the recent ‘Singapore swing’ in political currents and trends in South East and North East Asia.

The event will also launch Dr Yeow-Tong Chia’s book Education, Culture and the Singapore Developmental State: 'World-Soul' Lost and Regained? (Palgrave Macmillan 2015).

Event details

The Singapore Swing


Law Common Room, Level 4.

New Law Building


4 November 2015

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