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Working with theory in social research


22 October 2015

Presenter Dr Scott Eacott (pictured) says that mobilising the work of Bourdieu in his scholarship led him to ask questions of the canons of his disciplinary space and examine closely the methodology involved in  constructing (and maintaining) and a number of his central research objects.

"As arguably the pre-eminent social theorist of the late 20th century, Bourdieu's key thinking tools of 'field', 'capital' and 'habitus' are frequently called upon in educational research," he said.

"In this workshop, I will demonstrate ways of working with, through and beyond Bourdieu. In particular I will draw attention to mobilising Bourdieu as a methodological resource for researchers in the social sciences rather than a conceptual tool kit."

Dr Eacott says that when constantly refined through ongoing scholarship, Bourdieusian thinking is generative and provides the necessary resources for social researchers to 'think anew' rather than simply 'map the terrain' with a great thinker.

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Working with theory in social research: working with Bourdieu

Where Room 612, Education Building A35, Manning Rd, University of Sydney
Education Building A35
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22 October 2015

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