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Videos in the curriculum: what does the research tell us?

19 August 2015

A Research on Learning and Education Innovation seminar presented by
Dr Negin Mirriahi
(pictured top) and Dr Abelardo Pardo.

Trends in education technology and the introduction of blended learning, flipped classrooms, and massive open online courses gaining momentum in higher education, demand for integrating videos effectively into the curriculum is on the rise. For example, video annotation – which allows students to comment about a video while they are viewing it – changes a learning experience that was previously passive and individual into one that is active and collaborative.

This seminar will present the methods and conclusions of research conducted recently into how students in various contexts (academic and professional development) have engaged with videos, and the annotations and commenting features when integrated as part of the curriculum with different instructional conditions. The findings can inform future curriculum and course design that integrates video in ways that extend social and active learning and provide opportunities for reflective practice and self-regulated learning in blended, flipped and online learning environments.

This seminar will not be available online or recorded.

Event details

  • When: 11am–12.30pm

  • Where: Room 612, Education Building A35

  • Cost: Free

  • Contact: Sadhbh Warren
    T: +61 9351 2612

  • More info: Arrive at 10.45am for refreshments

  • Speakers: Dr Negin Mirriahi is an adjunct lecturer in the School of Education and academic developer at the Learning and Teaching Unit at UNSW, Australia. She holds a doctorate in education with a focus on online learning and distance education and a master's in educational technology. With more than 10-years' experience working in higher education institutions in Canada and Australia, Dr Mirriahi has extensive experience in managing, designing, evaluating, and researching educational technology in higher education in various disciplines and in both fully online and blended learning contexts. She is an early-career academic and focused her doctoral study on investigating the factors that influence technology adoption among academic staff. Her recent research projects have covered areas such as curriculum design and outcomes for online, blended and open learning; learning analytics to better understand student learning to inform course design and pedagogical practice; and how video technology can help improve student engagement, learning, and self-regulated learning skills.

    Dr Abelardo Pardo is associate head of Teaching and Learning and a senior lecturer at the School of Electrical & Information Engineering, The University of Sydney. He has a PhD in computer science from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Dr Pardo is director of the Learning & Affect Technologies Engineering laboratory (LATTE), which specialises in designing adaptive and personalised software systems for learning. His areas of research are learning analytics, software tools for collaboration and personalised learning, and technology to improve teaching practice and student experience. He is research fellow at the Learning Innovation and Networked Knowledge Research Laboratory (The University of Texas at Arlington), and manager of the technology program at the STEM Teacher Enrichment Academy (The University of Sydney). Dr Pardo also belongs to the editorial boards of the IEEE Transactions on Learning Technology and the Journal of Social Media and Interactive Learning Environments, as well as the executive board of the Society for Learning Analytics Research.

Videos in the curriculum: what does the research tell us?

Where Room 612, Education Building A35


19 August 2015

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