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Sydney Social Justice Network Research Showcase

17 March 2016

The Sydney Social Justice Network (SSJN) is an initiative hosted by the University of Sydney and funded by the Sydney Research Networks Scheme. SSJN brings partner organisations from civil society, government and business together with University researchers working on social justice from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. The network fosters collaborative research projects and as part of its work has supported the appointment of a number of visiting community justice research fellows in 2015 and 2016. The Sydney School of Education and Social Work has recently funded the appointment of an Indigenous Research Fellow as part of the SSJN program. This showcase provides an avenue for our current visiting research fellows to present the results of their work to a wider audience. Each of our research fellows will talk about their specific project, before responding to questions from the audience.

To find out more about the SSJN go to or follow us on Twitter @ssjnetwork.

Draft program



Welcome and introduction
Speakers: Associate Professor Susan Goodwin and Professor Danielle Celermajer


Regional resettlement and the safe haven enterprise visa (SHEV)
Speaker: Tom Armstrong (Settlement Services International)


Beyond detention: temporary protection and children
Speaker: Jess Harkins (Settlement Services International)


Power, capacity and decision-making in mining-affected Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australia
Speaker: Karrina Nolan (SEED)


Towards climate justice: decolonising adaptation to climate change
Speaker: Aletia Dundas (Uniting Justice)


Policy research on Federal Government and NSW Government Aboriginal employment policies 1970–2016
Speaker: Simon Jovanovic (NSW Family and Community Services)




Concluding remarks
Speaker: Associate Professor Susan Goodwin


Light refeshments served

Event details

Sydney Social Justice Network Research Showcase

Where School Common Room, Room 432, Level 4, New Law School Building
New Law School
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17 March 2016

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