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Qualitative and quantitative research methods


5 October 2016

Classroom and participant observations can yield rich data yet the process of conducting naturalistic observations is often more complex than it may appear. For example, a researcher’s level of involvement can move between complete participation (in which the researcher is involved in all activities of the community) to passive or non-participant observation (where the researcher merely observes as a ‘spectator’ and is not actively engaged in the designated activities). Indeed, researchers conducting observations are faced with a multitude of concurrent decisions to make about their roles as participants, approaches to data collection, and management of research processes. This workshop considers these and other related issues through a critical and interactive examination of observational approaches in educational research. It draws on published research and personal reflections from the field to explore theoretical, methodological, and logistical considerations when conducting classroom and participant observations in situ.

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Qualitative and quantitative research methods: conducting classroom and participant observations

Where Room 612, Education Building A35, Manning Rd, University of Sydney
Education Building A35
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5 October 2016

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