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Working with theory in social research


23 August 2016


A critique does not consist in saying that things aren't good the way they are. It consists in seeing on just what type of assumptions, of familiar notions, of established and unexamined ways of thinking the accepted practices are based... Criticism consists in … making it so that what is taken for granted is no longer taken for granted. To do criticism is to make harder those acts which are now too easy. — Foucault, in Faubion [Ed], 1994 p. 456.


From a poststructuralist paradigm, the work of Michel Foucault offers a “tool box”  of concepts that can be used to critique established ways of doing and thinking (Foucault, 1974, p. 523). In this seminar, the presenter will demonstrate how she made use of Foucauldian notions such as power, truth, knowledge and resistance to inform her critique of early-childhood professional practice and policy. In the spirit of Foucault’s insistence that his work should be used as one wishes or finds useful, it is anticipated that the examples shared from Dr Fenech's research and teaching in early-childhood education/policy might be used as springboard for critical analyses of other domains of education and social work.

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Working with theory in social research: working with Foucault

Where Room 612, Education Building A35, Manning Rd, University of Sydney
Education Building A35
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23 August 2016

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