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Becoming a super researcher


12 May 2017

A Centre for Research on Learning and Innovation workshop.

When elite sports professionals train, everything from their breakfast to the millimetres and milliseconds of their training routine, and the technologies that support them, are fussed over by experts: no expense spared for optimum performance! In the research world this is completely different. The way we do things is more likely to be based on personal habits, intuitively formed, rather than a rational and research-refined process. All the while, researchers face an increasingly competitive professional landscape that demands much more in less time. So, might academics have something to learn from Olympic sports coaching?

In this workshop, the presenter will share some practical ideas and technological tools that can be flexibly applied to help researchers work with knowledge more effectively. For example, research tells us that humans remember surprisingly little of what they read. Given how important reading is to academic research, the presenter will suggest technology-enhanced strategies for long-term understanding and remembering of important details. He will also discuss ways researchers can help themselves make deep and relevant connections that support their research. Workshop participants will be shown how to use free Spaced Repetition Software to help absorb their readings more deeply, as well as make connections and gain insights. The presentations will conclude with a demonstration of epistemic games (AKA: knowledge games) that can help structure the way participants think about issues in their research and possible alignments with the literature.

Free lunch provided at the beginning of the event and drinks at the New Law Bar after the workshop.

Event details

  • When: 12.30–5pm

  • Where: Seminar Room 218, Exhibition Space, Fisher Library F03

  • Cost: Free but registration is mandatory because places are limited.

  • Registration:

  • Contact: Courtney Hilton

  • More info: Please bring a laptop along to the event; most the workshop will involve hands-on activities using software that is available for free on Mac, Windows or Linux

  • Speaker: Courtney Bryce Hilton is a PhD candidate and Postgraduate Fellow in the Centre for Research on Learning and Innovation, and the School of Psychology. His current research explores how people process and learn musical rhythm from a neurocognitive perspective. He is also interested in the psychological, cognitive, and situative dimensions of how people work with knowledge, and how people can use technology to support their thinking.

Becoming a super-researcher workshop

Where Seminar Room 218, Fisher Library


12 May 2017

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